It was my taxi

I was walking to my taxi when I saw my enemy hopping into my taxi I was furious , let me tell you what happened earlier today I was telling my bestie about how I was going to go to my cousin  house  and catching a taxi there and everyone was there including my enemy , and then she came up to my and was like well I’m getting a taxi today and who know it might be yours HAHAHA. Here I was thinking it was a joke but it wasn’t.

I ran after the car but it was to late

She was never to be seen again.

My Sugar Factory

I am so happy, My sugar factory is going so well I have been open for only 3 week and the money I have gotten is crazy, 3 people will be selected to come on in and have a tour of the factory, the people that are coming in are Lola, jola and bola, they will be hear very soon.

1 hour and 30 mins pass

So this it the sugar pond, 1 of you can try the sugar, who wants to? Me says Lola, No me says bola hey no me says jola, I said ok I will leave you to decide, Lola pushes jola I yelled out nooooo  I tried to save Jola but it was to late, Jola couldn’t swim she sadly passed and my factory was shut down.

I went to her funeral,

The burning building

We had to evacuate the burning building, You are probably wondering what building burned down, well it was a red and blue building it was a metal making industry and why is this place so important to the town well think you need metal a lot in your life. My dad works at this place and it was actually bring your kid into work do, so I went with my dad and when this places started burning I was so afraid and while this was happening I was urgent to go to the toilet. Thankfully I made it to the toilet and we got out safe and the town helped re build the industry .

The lights

It was Wednesday the 7th of October, and  my mum was talking to the family and saying if a storm hits and the lights turn of, DON’T try and turn them back on because the thing that makes the light turn on and if the pressure built up and sparks will come out. It would start a fire.

Two weeks later

It is the 21st of October and it is storming out side, and the lights have turned of, so my family and I have Latinos and we are playing a board game. My brother is walking to the toilet and he turned the light and went to the toilet not even realising. We heard a loud noise, and my mum runs to the toilet and say “WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT THE LIGHTS TURN THE LIGHT OF….QUICK” my brother did. The noise stopped. And thankfully we did it in time. We all lived happily after

The Bush Fire

I was walking to my camp site, when I saw this match on the floor, I thought nothing of it and then my mum started to my name, she told me to run.

I said why but then while in was in the middle of saying why I heard a big bang then I looked back at the match and I couldn’t see any match I could only see a huge fire.

It was a bush fire I ran to the camp site and told my family, but they already knew they started getting buckets of water, so then I just started to help them out.

The fire was getting closer really fast, and then the whole camp site ran with buckets of water and we ran at the fire and all through water at it at the same time and thankfully it went out and nothing was destroyed.

Exam Week

I was overwhelmed, I went to school, I didn’t want to go because it was exam week so I have so many assignment, I have a big maths assignment I have a english assignment.

The worst thing is that I only have one good assignment  I can be a scientist for 1 whole hour. I get to do this tomorrow, we have to do an experiment.

We get 1 green leaf, half a jug of hot water and we get to chose one species of flower. I chose a sunflower.

1 week later

This was really good I passed the math and english, and for the science  I got a well above it was so much fun, this week was actually a pretty good week.

The sunny’s

It was a Saturday morning and I am right now on my way to the shops because my sun glasses broke so I am going to get another pair.


I am right now at the shops and I am in the dollar shore I can see some very lame sunny’s.


Ohhhh I just saw the cutest and most coolest sunny’s ever. They are cycled shaped with pink fluffy stuff around them.


I ran to my mum and asked if we could get them she said that they were to expensive


Mum please I will wash the cars and I will do the dishes please mum. Then my Mum said Fine ok but you have to promise me that you will take care of them. And then of cause I said I promise.


The explosive bomb

It went dark, I couldn’t see anything, I heard sirens, and my mum calling my name.


I woke up and I was in the hospital, my mother and father were both crying, I asked then what happened they said that I was walking and then an explosive bomb hit me, and it blue of my arm of and then it broke my left leg


I started crying, I looked down  and I tried to move my leg but I couldn’t, I didn’t have a right arm.


5 weeks later


I am on the couch watching my favourite show with my left leg up and ice on my right shoulder because I don’t have an arm

I needed to rest a lot

The dog

It is Wednesday,  and i am on the way to get my new dog.

I am so so exited but there is one down side this dog is $3598, this is alot of money but i have been saving for 2 years, and it is finilly the day.

I cant wait, before we go to get the dog.

We are here i walk to the door and i have the money in my hand ready to pay, i say to the lady,

” i am here to pick up a dog ”

she says “perfact that will be $3600”

I Say “I though it was $3598”

Then she said “no sorry it is $3600”

I said “oh ok never mind i am $2 short”

then mum says its fine hunny here is $2 ”

Then i said “thank you so much mum i love you, now could i please have the do mrs Lady”

Sure she said and i gave here the money and i ended up naming the dog Charli.

The book

It was the 27th of June 2019 a Thursday. I was walking in the park and you know what I saw, I saw a phenomenal book.


I didn’t know what to do, do I take it or do I leave it, this was a very tough decision. I know if I steal the book  then I will be in trouble, but it is just so well phenomenal.


I pick the book up and open to the first page,


It has a note inside it, it said “ To the person who has picked this book up, you are welcome to take this book but once you have finished the book please pass it on or put is somewhere someone else can find it”


This was amazing I could take the book and it wouldn’t be stealing woohoo.