That one big brown balloon

It was a cold and cloudy day, and there was never any balloons in the air, but on the 16th of March  there was a big brown balloon. It was in Thornlands at the school of frightening kids and the balloon was on the ground and the kid Bob kicked the brown balloon and he was sad really really sad. Then it was the end of school and his mum came to pick him up, and then he hopped in her car and she said “how was your day” Bob said “it was not agreat day ” then his mum said the would you like to go and get some ice cream, yes please.

The red ball

It was a hot and sunny day, and there was and girl and a boy and they were on a farm a really BIG farm. The boy was running around the farm and he accidentally through his red ball, and it went into the bushes and girl ran and “where did it go” she shouted, and the boy ran into the bush and started looking for the the red ball, but then the boy saw something that was shiny and and he ran to it, and it was the red ball the boy and the girl were so happy and they lived happily ever after.

The weigth competition

It was at a weight competition, there was a big man and a little lady, and the man John said “I’m gunna beat you  old lady”, the old lady Linda said “I’m 32 and we will see who will beat who Mr man”. It was time start the competition, Linda walk to the weights, and John run to the weights and he said “lets beat this old lady”, and Linda said “I’M 32 YEARS OLD BUT LETS GO” John went first and he said “ but it was heavier then i expected” he couldn’t do it. Then it was Linda’s turn and she did it she won the competition and she went to John and said well done.

Jo the bird

There was a bird named Jo and he was a great flyer he flew every day for 368 weeks it was the world record he was proud of himself but one day he woke up and said to his family in go for my fly now bye. He walked out onto the branch he said to himself lets do this then he went to fly and his wings just didn’t take off, then he fell of the branch and he thought he was going to die but then his wings worked and he did his lap of the big tree    and he lived happily ever after.