The package

It was Monday when I realised they could fly. 3 month ago I was out in at the farm and I was on the quad bike riding it to go and get the mail for my grandpa.


He doesn’t normally get mail, but when he does he loves it. So every afternoon I go and check. This afternoon there was a package next to his mail box and it had holes in it. I was a bit scared to pick it up, and it had a live warning on it. So something was alive in it.


I bought it back to grandpa, he was so happy to get mail, we both opened it and there were 3 birds. They were in danger so that why we got them we were meant to let them go. I didn’t realise they couldn’t fly. So we went to the vet and the vet fixed them up and we let them go. They lived a very happy life, and every afternoon  they would come and visit.

One thought on “The package”

  1. Hi Polly! This was a lovely story. I like how you described the grandfather here. He seems like a kind and wonderful person. The ending was also very heartwarming.

    Great work on this and keep writing!

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