High Jump

It was Wednesday the 27th of September 2021, rainy.

I am on the way to school, it is sport day today and I have to do high jump.

High jump starts at 10:00 am it is right now 8:00 am so I have 2 hours to get ready.

Now I am going to start to warm up.


2 Hours pass


I’m up, it is my turn to jump, I run I slip and then i….. everything goes black, I’m in the hospital and I cant feel my leg because it hurts so much.

The doctor said I have broken it. Next time I will not do high jump in the rain.



It was a Saturday, in lockdown. People were inside there houses, no one to be seen on the streets.

Three boys were Brave, hopeful that the covid would stop. They said to them self we need to made this town happy and joyful.

The boys thought to themselves, “what to do what to do” Jaxion the third boy said “I have an idea, we should have a zoom call, it should be themed yellow and happy”.

Luke the the second boy said “yess yess yess”.

The boys made the call and it brought happiness to the town, it brought laughter to the town and they had an amazing day in lockdown.