It was my taxi

I was walking to my taxi when I saw my enemy hopping into my taxi I was furious , let me tell you what happened earlier today I was telling my bestie about how I was going to go to my cousin  house  and catching a taxi there and everyone was there including my enemy , and then she came up to my and was like well I’m getting a taxi today and who know it might be yours HAHAHA. Here I was thinking it was a joke but it wasn’t.

I ran after the car but it was to late

She was never to be seen again.

My Sugar Factory

I am so happy, My sugar factory is going so well I have been open for only 3 week and the money I have gotten is crazy, 3 people will be selected to come on in and have a tour of the factory, the people that are coming in are Lola, jola and bola, they will be hear very soon.

1 hour and 30 mins pass

So this it the sugar pond, 1 of you can try the sugar, who wants to? Me says Lola, No me says bola hey no me says jola, I said ok I will leave you to decide, Lola pushes jola I yelled out nooooo  I tried to save Jola but it was to late, Jola couldn’t swim she sadly passed and my factory was shut down.

I went to her funeral,

The burning building

We had to evacuate the burning building, You are probably wondering what building burned down, well it was a red and blue building it was a metal making industry and why is this place so important to the town well think you need metal a lot in your life. My dad works at this place and it was actually bring your kid into work do, so I went with my dad and when this places started burning I was so afraid and while this was happening I was urgent to go to the toilet. Thankfully I made it to the toilet and we got out safe and the town helped re build the industry .